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Dundee LibDems back Sir Menzies Campbell's calls for rational debate over our constitutional future

January 18, 2007 8:18 AM
Saltire and Union Flags

Michael Charlton backs Sir Menzies Campbell's calls for rational debate over constitutional future

Following comments by Liberal Democrat Leader, Sir Menzies Campbell on the three-hundredth anniversary of the Union, Dundee Liberal Democrats today (Thursday 18th January) called for a rational debate over Scotland's constitutional future.

Sir Menzies said, "The 'Faustian bargain' between the nationalists and the Conservatives is based on short term electoral advantage and opportunism in this pre-election period.

"Once devolution has bedded down in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we should have a calm and rational debate on the role of MPs from these devolved nations at Westminster."

Locally, here in Dundee, LibDem party secretary Michael Charlton said, "We agree that Scotland's constitutional future should be debated rationally and calmly. The LibDem proposals for greater powers for the Scottish Parliament would cement the devolutionary settlement without isolating Scotland. The SNP's disastrous policy would isolate Scotland and would also be economically damaging."

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