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Dundee LibDems support school communities living together

November 1, 2006 6:40 AM

Dundee East Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson Dr Clive Sneddon has today (Wednesday 1st November) welcomed the recent report from members of the Al-Maktoum Institute in Dundee suggesting that mutual comprehension between faiths and cultures can best be advanced by children learning together.

Clive said, "As committed supporters of human rights, Liberal Democrats believe in freedom of religion and that families may choose to send their children to any school, private or state, religious or secular, which is approved by education inspectors as meeting legal requirements.

"For community harmony, and bearing in mind the long history of sectarianism in Scotland, it is important that children get to know each other through their schooling, so that toleration becomes the only conceivable way to treat those of other faiths. In present circumstances, this means encouraging all parents to send their children to non-faith schools, and inviting all who wish to instruct their young people in their faith to do so within their own communities."

Clive concluded, "At a time when the violent consequences of religious prejudice are plain for all to see, we should all work together to ensure that our children grow up free to express their own beliefs without hostility to the beliefs of others."

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