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Recent News from Dundee Lib Dems, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the UK Liberal Democrats

  • Article: Dec 11, 2019

    Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson will today (Wednesday 11th December) deliver her final speech of the election campaign in Esher and Walton, urging voters to back the Liberal Democrats to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority and stop Brexit.

    Jo will be attending a series of rallies with activists throughout to the day including in the Conservative-held seats of Esher and Walton, Guildford and Wimbledon.

    Jo Swinson is expected to say:

    "My message today is clear. To stop Brexit, we must stop Boris Johnson. We have one more day left to do it.

    "To all my fellow Lib Dem activists up and down the country - I say this: keep going. Keep fighting for every vote.

    "And to everyone out there who has a growing pile of Lib Dem leaflets on their kitchen table: we can win where you live.

    "You can stop another Conservative MP being elected. You can stop Boris Johnson from getting a majority he doesn't deserve. You can help us stop Brexit.

    "On Monday, Boris Johnson once again showed us the kind of leader he is going to be.

    "Faced with that heart-breaking image of Jack, he refused to look at it, to acknowledge it, even taking the phone out of the journalist's hand and putting it in his pocket. As though that would somehow make it all go away. What a coward.

    "He doesn't care about Jack, and if he wins a majority, he'll spend the next five years not caring about you or your family either. He'll spend five years running away from scrutiny. Avoiding inconvenient truths. Hoping that his power and privilege alone will keep him in Number 10."

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019

    "Johnson's Brexit lies have caused huge damage to our public services already."

    Boris's lie on the side of a bus was an even bigger whopper than we thought. Not only does Brexit not mean an extra £350 million a week for the NHS...

    In reality, it means £350 million a week less.

    And that's before we've even left.

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019

    The economy usually features heavily in election discourse.

    But this time the two main parties have opted for silly economics instead. It's either pursuing a Brexit that we know will damage the economy or a reckless spending plan we can't afford.

    But you can't fool business. Over 60 business leaders have named us as the 'only party who have set out a credible plan for future prosperity'.

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019

    Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has called on the Scottish Government to do more to help those from deprived backgrounds make healthy decisions, after new statistics published today show that children from the most deprived backgrounds are more than twice as likely to be "at risk of obesity" compared to those from the least deprived backgrounds.

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019

    Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Beatrice Wishart MSP today said that both teachers and pupils have been let down by the SNP, after the annual school census reveals that the average class size this year remains at 23.5 - the highest it has been since the SNP took office.

    The SNP Government committed in 2007 to limiting class sizes in the first three years of primary to 18, but this is now being achieved for just 12.3% of children. As a result, compared to 2010, around 14,000 fewer children are getting the benefit of smaller classes.

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019

    Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign Alex Cole-Hamilton has today used a campaign stop in Edinburgh to urge Scottish voters to make Nicola Sturgeon think again about another Scottish independence referendum.

    After he tried his hand at wreath making at Rose & Ammi Florist, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

  • Article: Dec 10, 2019
    By Liberal Democrats

    "Almost the only people who think Johnson a nice guy are those who do not know him."

    It's a statement made by Max Hastings, Johnson's former boss at the Telegraph. He's not the only person who has worked with Boris Johnson who has gone public with their criticisms.

    Here's a collection of quotes from his Conservative colleagues:

  • 1.gif
    Article: Dec 10, 2019
    By Liberal Democrats

    This Thursday marks one of the most important elections in a generation. If Boris Johnson wins a majority, he will push through his disastrous Brexit plan. He will also plunge us headfirst into some of the most extreme economic policies in decades.

    This won't just ruin Christmas, like forgetting the stuffing or not taking your stockings down before lighting the fire. It will be disastrous for our country for decades to come.